Cramming couldn't be more relaxing.
 As I was product shooting for my thesis, this is my companion...

a marathon of D no Arashi...(thanks taijiprojectsub  !)

after AAA Kokuritsu as my 3-hr appetizer...nyam-nyam..^_^

(guess which DnA episode was this!)

GaaAaH! Jerry Yan!!!
 Because of Down with Love, I may be having a relapse on Jerry Yan fever! 

It has been what, 7 years ago?! The man did not age at all! Just got much hotter!

Have to learn Chinese, I still don't understand his songs!! haha! *knuckles on head*

Some may probably find this questionable.

 I'm watching IWGP

Not because of Sho.

Not because of Nagase.

Not because of YamaP.

But because of Sato Ryuta.

Cause I LOVE the man. BIG TIME.

One more greeting...
They're probably the only people I'd greet "Happy Anniversary!"  twice in a year...


They really are special. ^_^

And the feelings did not change.

Calling Out All Philippines-based Arashi Fans!!
 We will once again reunite! 

If you are an Arashi fan that happens to be in the Philippines, join the celebration!!!

For those interested to join Ohno's Birthday/10th Anniversary Party, you have less than a month left to confirm your attendance!

Clicky the poster for more info! See you there!


Kisarazu....Cats! *Nya!* Cats! *Nya!*

 .jpeg from wikipedia

 I just added KCE as one of my favorite series! Really hilarious!

For those who haven't seen it, please do so! 

Just some good natural high! 

Great mixture of tears of joy and sadness (that's what I love about it! ^_^)

The TV series and the 2 movies are two-thumbs up!!! (well, that's for me, though..;D)

I just finished watching KCE World Series, and just wiped my tears...*really touched*

Himitsu no Arashi-chan #63 VIP Room: Becky [2009.08.27] subbed
 As I mentioned in my post about my very first attempt in translation (VS Arashi #47)...well, I'll say it again:

If there would be
 ZERO chance for me and Aiba-chan, I would go on and support one girl for him: BECKY!“

But after watching this VIP Room, now...

                                    I like her for SHO!                                                            I like her for OHNO!


                                     I like her for JUN!                                                         (Then someone interrupted!)


                                                                     But she and NINO will forever be arguing...

Gotta say, I never got tired of watching this as I try to comprehend what they were saying. In fact, I was smiling all throughout.

Fine. Giggling, actually.

But! Don't just Aiba-chan and Becky look good together!? 
Enjoy! ^_^

Translated by: mabo_tofu
Subbed by: 

Raw video provided by chaix2 (

Special thanks to K-sensei, my Japanese teacher and fellow Arashi fangirl for clarifying some stuff...^_^ (and because of her I have my 5x10 pamphlet! She watched the concert twice, Aug. 29 and 30! I envy her! She got me a mini Aiba uchiwa as a souvenir! ^^)


MU: full file

MF:  .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 (still uploading, sorry!) yey! finished! and for those who got problems with .002, please try again...i                                                                                    linked it again, i hope it works this time..^^ please tell me if there are still problems...;D


And here's our another release: VS Arashi #70! download here



VS Arashi #70 [2009.08.22] subbed
 I know there's already a subbed version of this episode but since we worked on it too, might as well share it...^_^

and sho-kun and ohno-kun especially shone brightest because of their one of a kind expressions... Well, actually...

That's TWO from Sho... 


and really, just ONE from Riidaa...


Translator: mabo_tofu
Subber: jstwnts2posts
Raw file provided by Chaix2 (
Thanks to harunomasu  for some translation guidance! ^_^

MU: full file 

MF: .001  .002  .003  .004 .005

Enjoy! ;D 

Ousama no Brunch [2009.05.30] subbed
Here is a short clip of HnA promotion in Ousama no Brunch when Himitsu no Arashi-chan just revamped to its current format...

With just 4 simple questions we can get a clue of these guys' ideal first date...^^

Subbed by: jstwnts2posts
Raw provided by: chaix2

Links (by jstwnts2posts )

MF: .001 .002

MU: full file

Sorry for a few blanks---err, most obvious is a line about Sho-san, really sorry about that! I just couldn't get what the narrator was saying..=(

But still, please enjoy! ;D


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Your song [meme]
Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Pass it on to 15 people and include me. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think.

The green font kinda didn't contrast well against my background, sorry if it's hard to read, but anyhoo...^^

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This IS hard! But it's a nice challenge...And it's fun finding out song titles that could answer to these casual questions!
*By the way what does "meme" mean? haha, i just answered this because it's interesting, but had no idea what's really going on! sorry for the newbie question...

I tagged:

Sorry if ever the ones I tagged has already answered this! ^^



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