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Ousama no Brunch [2009.05.30] subbed
Here is a short clip of HnA promotion in Ousama no Brunch when Himitsu no Arashi-chan just revamped to its current format...

With just 4 simple questions we can get a clue of these guys' ideal first date...^^

Subbed by: jstwnts2posts
Raw provided by: chaix2

Links (by jstwnts2posts )

MF: .001 .002

MU: full file

Sorry for a few blanks---err, most obvious is a line about Sho-san, really sorry about that! I just couldn't get what the narrator was saying..=(

But still, please enjoy! ;D


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yeah a few blanks are totally fine for us who don't even understand a thing! ;D thank you so much for your hard works...I really appreciate this :D

taking, thank you so much!! =)

thanks so much for sharing this!
i really appreciate it :)

thank you so much for subbing and sharing!! :)

thank you very much for your great work

grab it~
don't mind bout the few blanks..better from nothing at all (>.<)
thanks for sharing (>.<)keep the good works ne~

thanks 4 subbing n sharing

Thank you very much for this subbed Himitsu no Arashi! I didn´t hope that someone could make the translation. So it made me really happy. Thank you very much for this amazing release.

I like Matsujun´s answer about confession. ^^

Yay thank you very much~ And don't worry about the blanks, we'll deal, and I'm sure you'll improve ^^ Good job~

Thank you so much for subbing this! :D

Thanks for subbing! ^____^ Really appreciate it!


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