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Ousama no Brunch [2009.05.30] subbed
Here is a short clip of HnA promotion in Ousama no Brunch when Himitsu no Arashi-chan just revamped to its current format...

With just 4 simple questions we can get a clue of these guys' ideal first date...^^

Subbed by: jstwnts2posts
Raw provided by: chaix2

Links (by jstwnts2posts )

MF: .001 .002

MU: full file

Sorry for a few blanks---err, most obvious is a line about Sho-san, really sorry about that! I just couldn't get what the narrator was saying..=(

But still, please enjoy! ;D


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uhm. sorry for this but i cant download the .002. is there anything u can do. whenever i open the link its broken.really sorry.

um, it seems to be working fine it...but i'll tell jstwnts2post about it...for the mean time, please try it again...thanks ;D

thanks for sharing XD

mind if i add you?? XD

thanks, really enjoy it!!

thank u for sharing it..=)

thank you so much for sharing >3~

thanks for subbing and uploading!

thank you for subbing !!!

Thanks for sharing this matel! Sayang part of Sho's description ang kulang pero okay lang, A for effort pa rin ang super thank you dahil hindi naman ako marunong mag-Jap. hehe

Btw, I'll add you ha. Hope that's okay :D

Thanks so much for this ^^

Trust me, a few blanks is better than not having subtitles at all ^__^

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you for subbing and uploading!

Thanks for subbing!! I really enjoyed it ^.~

thank u for your hardwork....

Thank you for subbing and sharing!!!!

thank you so much for subbing. ^^


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