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VS Arashi #70 [2009.08.22] subbed
 I know there's already a subbed version of this episode but since we worked on it too, might as well share it...^_^

and sho-kun and ohno-kun especially shone brightest because of their one of a kind expressions... Well, actually...

That's TWO from Sho... 


and really, just ONE from Riidaa...


Translator: mabo_tofu
Subber: jstwnts2posts
Raw file provided by Chaix2 (
Thanks to harunomasu  for some translation guidance! ^_^

MU: full file 

MF: .001  .002  .003  .004 .005

Enjoy! ;D 

dorky Sho kun as always..

Ohchan~ get some rest ne =3

Thank you!! ^_^

finally ^^
and another one's coming up!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Riida face in the screencap, how can you resist!!!!!!
Thank you so much for sharing this.

Thanks so much for subbing and sharing.
What a funny face Sho made?

(Deleted comment)
kyaaa thanks so much and both expression is so hilarious XDD

yay thank you.. i'm taking.. the expression is priceless XD

thank you for sharing, i've been waiting the full eps sub

^_^ One of the things I really love of Sho is his infinite number of facial expressions. He never fails to make me laugh.. And of course Leader... who can't resist that spaced-out charm? Thanks so much!

sho and ohno really look adorable don't they? love their facial expressions so much or in riida's case...lack thereof lol

thank you so much for all the hard're much appreciated *_____*

thank you thank you ^_______^

just thank you is never enough

but really impressed with your hardwork...
tq for sharing..
continue your work
keep supporting you!!

u r amazing ...

Thank u for the subs :)

Oh Ohno&Sho <333


The adorable and dorky things they do haha

thanks you! :D

Not sure if I downloaded this before...

Thank you!! xD

thank u so much for this:)

hahaha another serie of sho's weird face. I love this episode when the end sho-kun did that mocking face lol. he could be so childish sometimes!!!

but I feel that in this episode, everyone looks so tired, not just that ohno's space out moment on falling pipe but everyone's tension seems a bit lower than usual may be during that time they are practicing for their concert really hard may be~

ah anyway thank you fro subbing this and sharing >_


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