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Himitsu no Arashi-chan #63 VIP Room: Becky [2009.08.27] subbed
 As I mentioned in my post about my very first attempt in translation (VS Arashi #47)...well, I'll say it again:

If there would be
 ZERO chance for me and Aiba-chan, I would go on and support one girl for him: BECKY!“

But after watching this VIP Room, now...

                                    I like her for SHO!                                                            I like her for OHNO!


                                     I like her for JUN!                                                         (Then someone interrupted!)


                                                                     But she and NINO will forever be arguing...

Gotta say, I never got tired of watching this as I try to comprehend what they were saying. In fact, I was smiling all throughout.

Fine. Giggling, actually.

But! Don't just Aiba-chan and Becky look good together!? 
Enjoy! ^_^

Translated by: mabo_tofu
Subbed by: 

Raw video provided by chaix2 (

Special thanks to K-sensei, my Japanese teacher and fellow Arashi fangirl for clarifying some stuff...^_^ (and because of her I have my 5x10 pamphlet! She watched the concert twice, Aug. 29 and 30! I envy her! She got me a mini Aiba uchiwa as a souvenir! ^^)


MU: full file

MF:  .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 (still uploading, sorry!) yey! finished! and for those who got problems with .002, please try again...i                                                                                    linked it again, i hope it works this time..^^ please tell me if there are still problems...;D


And here's our another release: VS Arashi #70! download here



Yay~! Thanks for subbing this ^0^ Been waiting for it.. Thank you thank you thank you! <3


Gosh, I just love this girl for Aiba-chan. Thanks so much :D

thank you ^^ and i love your screencaps XD

oh wow! looks exciting, taking, thank you so much! =))

thank you so much for sharing...^^

Thanks for subbing! ^__^

Thank you for sharing. ;)

Thank you very much for this!

Tnx for sub (: finaly i can understand

patiently waiting for the MF links..

i also like her for aiba! they're so genki together!

aaaaw thanks so much

I will be waiting for MF :D

Thank youuuuuuuuu. I love VIR, the boys are so funny. I want Ohchan draw me too.

Thanks so much for subbing and sharing.

XD thank you for subbing this, can't wait to watch it!

I think she's good enough for all Arashi♥♥♥
Thank you so much for sharing!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I love Beckychan, she's my favorite.
I feel fangirl (of course, a couple matching fangirl) is fullfiled lately, Becky in HNA and Maochan will be on HNA on 17 Sep!!!! can't wait.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

thank you so much for subbing!


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