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Some may probably find this questionable.

 I'm watching IWGP

Not because of Sho.

Not because of Nagase.

Not because of YamaP.

But because of Sato Ryuta.

Cause I LOVE the man. BIG TIME.

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I can't see the problem because Ryuta-san is awesome and deserves more love XD
Yay for you XD

i just find it funny that as i was watching IWGP, i always have the urge to fast forward just to get to the scenes where ryuta-san appears! haha! ^^ and i end up staring at him in the background even if nagase's the focus! XD

i love him in rookies!!!! thumbsup WATCH IT WATCH IT...

already did! marathon!!! even finished Sotsugyou! kakaiyak!

Kyaaaaaa,,, ganda ng Rookies grabe!!!! pati muvie napanood mo na????

i know how you feel pla kc INRAB rin ako kay Kiritani Kenta...ahahhaah.. WALANG BAHID IDOL yun!!!

astig din c kiritani! HAHA! kung san san ko na pla cya napapanood! ndi ko namumukhaan! iba-iba kc itsura!

download mo na movie, halos hagulgol ako!

proud ako sa non-JE rabu ko, Eita at Ryuta! *heaven!*

now if only magsamasama cla sa iisang program, or mag-guest cla sa mgging new show ng arashi, i can die!!!!

Ikebukuro West Gate Park. Nagase Tomoya is the lead, Done in 2000..^_^ i haven't finished it yet but it's pretty interesting!

Ohh ok thank you for telling me! ^^

i love him more sa Bambino ;)
marching this march na?

astig cya sa bambino, especially after watching his other dramas na prang high kung mka-arte! haha...

oh yeah! i'll make sure i'll graduate! may defense pa....haa~y..konti nlng...

ingat din! ^_^

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