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GaaAaH! Jerry Yan!!!
 Because of Down with Love, I may be having a relapse on Jerry Yan fever! 

It has been what, 7 years ago?! The man did not age at all! Just got much hotter!

Have to learn Chinese, I still don't understand his songs!! haha! *knuckles on head*

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Awwwwww! Seeing someone posting about F4 in my f-list is so nostalgic.

Is that his drama with Ella? =/

yes! they're so funny!! ;D

haha i know, right?! i was hooked on him since his dao ming shi time

he's my first east asian idol! gaah, seriously. so cute. *faints*

You know, I really hated Meteor Garden, but I'm watching Down With Love, and ohhhmygod. My favorite Taiwanese idol might just change. He is so much better looking than he used to be.

Ooooh...maganda Down with Love? It's been a while since I last saw a Taiwanese drama. Masubukan nga. XD

funny cya! benta talaga c ella..haha!

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