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Cramming couldn't be more relaxing.
 As I was product shooting for my thesis, this is my companion...

a marathon of D no Arashi...(thanks taijiprojectsub  !)

after AAA Kokuritsu as my 3-hr appetizer...nyam-nyam..^_^

(guess which DnA episode was this!)

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Aww, now I have the sudden urge to watch DnA too! :D

i've never watched it but u make it seem like its good so i'm probably going to check it out

out of the C, D, G no Arashi series, D no Arashi is my personal favorite! <3

I've watched an episode so far and I'm hooked but my problem now is that I don't know where to watch the rest !(◎_◎;)

have you tried the great works of taijiprojectsub lj comm? ;D

yeah i have applied but no news yet :(

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