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Kisarazu....Cats! *Nya!* Cats! *Nya!*

 .jpeg from wikipedia

 I just added KCE as one of my favorite series! Really hilarious!

For those who haven't seen it, please do so! 

Just some good natural high! 

Great mixture of tears of joy and sadness (that's what I love about it! ^_^)

The TV series and the 2 movies are two-thumbs up!!! (well, that's for me, though..;D)

I just finished watching KCE World Series, and just wiped my tears...*really touched*

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Hi there.
I add u as my friend in lj.

I love Kisarazu Cats' Eye, too, but have yet watched the movies. Can't find any subbed one. :(

Anyway .. thank you for subbing HnA. What a nice heart u have there for non-Japanese Arashians. :)

I DLed the 2 movies through torrent from^^

Ah, I found it! Thank you.
Need to learn about this torrent things, though. :D

good luck! ^^ i'm still seeding the KCE world series..;D

hope you'll enjoy the 2 movies too! and it's fun seeing Bambi grow up and mature! (he already looked like a newscaster in the world series!)

hey there *waves*
just added you ^O^
i also just finished watching the KCE movies for both series last sunday!!and i really2 love it too!!!but i like the nihon series more than the world series,cz almost half of the world series,bussan not in the screen???xDD
and really enjoy the dramas too,i cried at the last 2 episodes ;_;

unfortunately dvd for the series can't be find in KL. Only the movie can be hu,have to watch it online..

ow. that's sad...having a copy for yourself would be nice, right! :D can't you download it? for me this is a series i could watch ever and over again! ^_^

is KCE really good? been planning to download it after finish downloading Natsu Niji..hmmm..there are also two movies? where can i download these movies?..i checked your LJ after staffs from cuticlefansubs mentioned you in their posts..glad i check you out..(^^)

thank you for all the soon-to-be-downloaded Arashi's's only for my own leisure, won't be posting your great vids anywhere..thank you again..(^^)

if you're into wild, over-exaggerated (in an endearing way!) acting, i definitely recommend KCE. not to mention the guys are hot! and i mean all 5 of them! i got to admit though, i watched KCE because of Sato Ryuuta...^_^ but be amazed on how Sho-kun really matured throughout the series and the movies....;D

I DLed the 2 movies by torrent from please enjoy the arashi videos! i'd love to do more but due to sloooow internet connections, i can't...x_x

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